A replica Japanese Watches-Seiko Prospex Green Sumo SPB031

The Seiko Prospex Green Sumo SPB031 is the second Green Sumo watch in the history of the Prospex Sumo collection. The Green Sumo is basically a different version of the Silver Sumo that sports an iridescent green background and golden accents .

Every year, many special replica models are crafted to be sold in the watch market, a real heaven for every watch collector. The Yellow Sumo , the Silver Sumo and the Green Sumo are three timepieces that many collectors who are always looking for “ something special and rare ” are very familiar with. They sport a sapphire glass instead of the usual Hardlex crystal, a cyclope lens on the sapphire glass – not exactly the best feature, they are finished up to the high criterion in manufacturing the Swiss watch and feature other aesthetic characteristics that are typical of the famous Japanese watchmaking tradition.


The Green Sumo replica is redesigned with the no-depth wavy background that seems almost flat on the Silver model, what’s more it creates the illusion of an incredible three-dimensional effect, lends with a particularly strong characteristic that is coupled with an exterior smokey gray finishing towards the central part, a wave pattern and golden accents on the bezel and winding crown. The dial presents in a golden edge around the indexes that have been filled with Lumibrite. Assembling an automatic 6R15 caliber that ensures up to 50 hours of power reserve , and offering a declared precision value that ranges between +25 and -15 seconds per day and the seconds stop function that is used to perfectly synchronize the watch.


Seiko Prospex Green Sumo SPB031 replica definitely is styled with a very particular and personal design, full of amazing details making it extremely unique. As sported on the models featuring an “ Urushi ” finishing.

The great souvenir of the Replica Breitling Navitimer 50th Anniversary

The Navitimer is the modern tribute to the classic aviator chronograph watch. The timepiece invites you to a world with a unique and attractive style,where the spirit of aviation and tradition are peerless values. With its ingenious slide rule and a design catered for professional pilots, this superior instrument gained its cult status in the field of aviation.
The first Breitling Navitimer presented in 1952 and its success was unparalleled. The model was regarded as the official watch of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). This special decoration is also the reason why the B winged logo is found on almost every Navitimer dial. It is a symbol for the amazing collaboration between pilots and Breitling.


In 1962, there was another achievement, when its special edition Navitimer named Cosmonaute went into space on the wrist of astronaut, Scott Carpenter. The timepiece is also famous for its role as the preferred watch of James Bond in the 1965 “Thunderball” movie starring Captain Derval.

The great success of the Breitling Navitimer has turned it into a much sought after timepiece, not just for those who can afford it, but also for people that would rather pay a couple hundred dollars for a knockoff. This increases the growth of a replica market where you can find all types of qualities Navitimer fakes at various prices. A charming thing that we will discuss below, a special edition Breitling Navitimer 50th anniversary replica. This original model was launched in 2002 and it is a rare collectible.


TBreitling Navitimer 50th anniversary replica comes in bi-directional rotating bezel with a slide rule on the outer ring turning the watch into a navigation calculator with a sleek chronograph. The rule serves for calculating average speeds, fuel consumption, climb and descent rates and other essential navigation data. The retched stainless steel bezel allows easy grip and overall handling. Also, the inside rule has the identical style of indexes, gradations, the size of the numbers and the gradations. The 50th Anniversary Breitling Navitimer replica comes with a black dial, three white subdials and designed with a date window that is located between 4 and 5 o’clock. The surface of the watch is a little bit crowded as on all types of Breitling watches, but its core quality is also present- it has an intriguingly superior legibility.


The case of this replica watch measures in 42.1 mm, 15 mm thick and is manufactured from solid stainless steel which has been completely brushed. The solid case back is made from the same material and has the same brushed finish. Also, the rear of the watch features the specific Navitimer markings, plus the 50th anniversary logo and wording.Breitling Navitimer is one of the most popular chronographs in the world of classic aviation watches. It is a professional instrument that has served as an essential method of calculations for generations of pilots. Its heritage goes on even in the modern days by being an exceptional ally both on land and in the air.

The Buying Guide to A Replica Welder Watches

Welder is a mid-range watch brand designed and manufactured in Italy by the same company that makes luxury U-Boat watches. Both brands are have a relatively short history, debuting in the early 2000s.
With their distinctly masculine edge, Welders are very similar to their military-styled sister brand, in fact the collection was created to be a less-pricey alternative to U-Boat watches. Welders are more reasonable but still not cheap, then there are many replica Welder turning up in the market.

The replica Welder pieces are made out of reasonably high-quality parts in the stainless-steel cases and mineral crystals, however unlike a true premium brand the movements are all Japanese quartz that without mechanical movements available. Because these watches are related to a luxury line, but they’re really just highly designed fashion watches made for guys who like the oversized look but fail to pay so much dollars in a genuine piece. Replica Welder’s main selling point is simply the right trendiness at the right price point.


Welders replica watch features unique “stacked” faces, some of which are so detailed they’re like little three-dimensional sculptures behind the crystal. Crowns are placed on the left side or top of the watches and often feature a crown keeper adding even more width to an already bulky watch. Replica Welder’s industrial style starts with packaging that evokes power tool cases. There’s also an extra-large pocket-watch variant, the perfect steam punk accessory. The collection’s color scheme is simple: mostly stainless-steel and/or black, with round or rectangular faces. .
There are a few colorful unisex models but it’s unlikely that a woman would be drawn to such a large watch. Although many men buy Welder watches because of the masculine look some end up dissatisfied with their purchase because the size really is too much. Even though these watches don’t have the same prestige, they do appear to be as well built as any other Italian-made brand.

A best Welder replica watch is big, heavy and looks like it’s made for survivalists—but underneath it all it’s just a fashion watch so it’s recommended that you use yours in more tame situations for upgrading your style.

A Speedy timepiece: Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollp 11 Replica

With the fierce competition in the watch market, more and more creative watches are invented and dreamed by watch enthusiasts. But buying a luxury watch is not an easy thing because of the high price, therefore, more and more fake watches appear in the watch market for meeting the need of those who can not afford the expensive price. Let’s talk about an amazing fake piece, Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollp 11. W have known that Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 is a 45th Anniversary Edition conducted by Omega. Duplicating from the original Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollp 11, the imitation was finished in a titanium case, PVD dial, a Sedna gold bezel with matt black ceramic tachymeter ring and a NATO strap.


One of the first things to notice is Black PVD Dial. It is all treated with black PVD. The use of 18 carat red gold for the indexes and hands is very well-chosen as it gives a great contrast with the black PVD dial. The dial was created through using a special laser which created the nice looking dial by removing all material surrounding the logo, model name, sub dial numerals, minute and hour markers. Measuring 42mm in diameter from side to side. Punting a sapphire crystal on this watch instead of the plexi Hesalite crystal, which makes sense in a way. The case back has the typical inscription for showing this watch as part of the Moonwatch-family. The case of this replica Omega Speedmaster Professional is the result of titanium. Although titanium has been used before on a Speedmaster Professional, it wasn’t done before on this typical a-symmterical Speedmaster (Professional) case. The watch comes in Grade-2 titanium and is given a brushed finish. The Grade-2 titanium is bound to become darker over time, which will give the watch its own unique look. The rose Sedna gold bezel contrasts nicely with the case and dial.


It is quite a surprise that the use of Sedna gold in manufacturing the replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollp 11. The Sedna gold alloy blends in gold, copper and palladium and has a minimum gold content of 75%. The result is a unique rose color mainly due to the right amount of copper. Palladium ensures the long-lasting effect of the reddish hue on the Sedna gold.

fulling of great elements, you would never refuse such a wonderful Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica

Some watches tend to stand out through brand name, others through durability and others through an out of this world design. The Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore is the type of timepiece that manages to distinguish itself due to all three of these characters.

The legendary Swiss watchmakers tend to go overboard with their creativity but they always manage to pull it off, creating fantastically precise, durable watches that make a perfect piece. The Royal Oak watch is a limited edition with just 600 pieces being released, what’s more, the impressive price tag, which will certainly make it a hard watch to find, and an even harder watch to purchase. This is where a replica alternative can prove literally lifesaving to those watch enthusiasts that simply must have this Audemars Piguet model.


The Royal Oak Offshore plays with the classically understood concept of functionality, transforming them into stand out elements that draw your attention.The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica takes quality materials a step further and plays with grade 5 titanium, forged carbon and ceramic in a unique way, creating an creative look and feel to their watches. This beautiful timepiece is a self-winding masterpiece and featured with a data display and a small seconds hand.

Details like the engraved logo on the crown, or the almost identical watch case and bezel make the replica a high quality one. The lugs on the rim of the bezel are also identical adding the overall quality of the replica. The watch dial is where the first difference appears as the sub dials at six and nine o’clock seem to be reversed on the replica.Other than that, the fake watches are very similar to the original piece with the numbering and magnified date function being as close to identical as possible. Even the Audemars Piguet logo is present on the 3 o’clock side on both watches.
Few replicas can reach such a good level of quality, especially on such a detail rich watch like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and beside the mix of the sub dials, these two watches are basically indistinguishable.

The review of the finest Cartier La Dona Replica Watch

For the ladies who should possess a staple watch that signifies respect, style and class, what kind of the watch should be wore on the wrist, take a look at our replica Cartier La Dona Watches. What’s much better than possessing a wrist watch that showcases your taste for traditional pieces, compared to the option of custom engraving? Make sure to personalize your luxury good having a special engraving, wrap yourself in top fashion and elegance with wearing one perfect accessory.


There’s an variety of different choices available for selecting from to meet your preferences and enhance your popularity. Our signature watches are available in different size, small , big or midsize styles. The replica timepieces come in 18K gold, 18K white gold or platinum, 18K rose gold or stainless crown sets, one of them would be your favor, what’s more, each material is well-made in forming a charming watch. The watches match with the Roman numeral dial using the function for his and minutes and are available in rectangular classic shapes.

For any more luxurious appeal, the watches with diamonds lining the crowns in our 18K whitened and rose gold pieces. The craftsmanship in manufacturing the Cartier La Dona Replica watches was noted for good quality and excellence, an important factor.Best Cartier replica watches are world famous because of its luxury timekeeping and even today. Nothing even compares to the feel of our niche Cartier watch, carefully to fit your exact preference to find the best, with half the cost.

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39

If you want just one, all-purpose watch, if you sometimes wish you have a watch for wearing on every occasion, something that would go well with every outfit and activity, that wouldn’t be ostentatious but would still have character,our watch, the Oyster Perpetual, Rolex’s new entry-level model, should be recommended to you. The Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, introduced in 2015, would seem to fit that bill.


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 replica feature with the design comes close to perfection. Its sportily but elegant appearance goes equally well with a business suit or a polo shirt. And it is designed with the new size measuring in 39mm that is rightly suitable for nearly every wrist, and is not overly conspicuous.The polished surface is same to most Rolex wristwatch finished with the flat sapphire crystal rising above the level of the case. There is a Rolex’s crown- shaped logo stamped into the sapphire crystal at 6 o’clock, the name “Rolex” engraved into the mental ring around the dial.With gently curving lugs and a broad bezel, the case makes a harmonious impression.


Luminous material is adopted in the hands and the indexes at 3, 6 and 9 making it easily to read the time in the dark. It comes in a tidy-looking dial without the date window. The crown, which unscrews easily, has only two extracted positions: one to wind the mainspring and another to set the hands. This model also provides a convenient stop-seconds function that halts the balance, and thus also the hands, to facilitate to-the-second time setting. If you were damned to a life of horological monogamy and were permitted to own just one, then the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 would be a very good choice.

Reviewing The New Replica Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days PAM672 Watch

The new Replica Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days PAM672, a new special edition of just 99 pieces announced recently, that now boasts both a hand-engraved stainless steel case as well as a laser-engraved in-house movement.Panerai takes this dedication one step further by making the PAM672 exclusively available in the brand’s Florentine boutique.Almost all adornments on the Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days PAM672 are dedicated to Firenze (Florence): the dial, the case profile, the largest movement plate, and even the straps feature the Florentine Lily, which has been present on Florence’s coat of arms for almost a thousand years.

The case appears to have the exact same patterns as did the PAM604 we mentioned in the opening – and if this is correct, it makes us wonder where the bottleneck in the process of coming up with something new might have been.The satine soleil (satin Sun) finished sandwich dial boasts gold-filled engravings of Radiomir Panerai at 12 and the lily as well as the word “Firenze” above the 6 o’clock position. Here, the lily is a new addition over the previous version.


The 316L stainless steel Radiomir case is a hefty 47 millimeters wide and is spec’d to have 100 meters of water resistance – I’m looking at you and your measly 30 meters, Luminor Due! The engraving is performed by the same engraver all over the case and takes the master craftsman one week to complete the decoration of a single Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days PAM672.

The bridges and cocks feature a heavily decorated ring on their outer edges, while the inner segment of the movement tries to keep aesthetic balance with geometric lines and a large lily symbol in relief. Contrary to the case, the movement’s parts were engraved not by hand but by laser.


The result is an interesting contrast between the visual effects achieved by hand and by modern technology. The overall design of the movement’s decoration appears to nicely complement that of the case, with alternating brighter, brushed upper surfaces and darker, frosted recessed surfaces. It probably goes without saying that the performance of the P.3000 hand-wound movement remains unaffected: it still runs at 3 Hertz or 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour and offers 3 days of power reserve thanks to the combination of two mainspring barrels.

replica Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal comes in square shape

Richard Mille shock the watch world for its revolutionary watch-making skills in the manufacture of the most precise watch. As a watch fans of the Richard Mille, you must known that the Rafael Nadal is the only tennis player in history to have won a single Grand Slam tournament nine times. It is not no confusion that Richard Mille presents the latest evolution of the model each year dedicated to “Rafa” few days in advance of this major tournament, the French Open or Roland Garros, as it was named after the French aviator and World War I fighter pilot.

In the Richard Mille watch collection, the new replica Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal is the first piece to feature an automatic calibre whose distinctive traits are lightness and shock-resistance. As same to the earlier watch models, the RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal is a demonstration of Richard Mille’s capability to innovate, from the RM 27-01 with its cable-suspended movement to the RM 27-02 with its NTPT Carbon unibody’ baseplate.


Inspired by the RM 35-01, the RM 35-02 replica was equipped with a Nadal calibre with self-winding mechanism at the heart. Designed it with its patented variable geometry rotor for making it possible to adapt the winding to the user’s activity level. That watch is powered by the new RMAL1 calibre, the base plate and bridges are the great result of wet-sandblasted grade 5 titanium, it is treated with PVD/Titalyt and stretched to ensure smooth surfaces.

The titanium rotor’s inertia is modified, either slowing it down in case of intense activity, or speeding up the winding process in the case of minimal arm and hand movements, by adjusting the six positional setting of the rib’s placement.


Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal replica is achieved with a sapphire crystal in caseback which sport an anti-reflective treatment so that the calibre may be admired from every angle. That watch appears in 49.94 x 44.50 x 13.15 mm case available in either NTPT Carbon or a new bright Quartz-TPT Red with white highlights, both designed for exceptional biocompatibility, stability and resistance.

you sould be known well about the Panerai Luminor Submersible1950 replica

On the nautical trend via the summer breeze publish the very attractive Panerai ticker – the panerai luminor submersible replica. The watch is a successful timepiece to the annual classic yachts challenge watch piece with a special 10th edition logo stamped on the case back. The limited-to-50 pieces watch features a watch case measuring in 47mm fashioned out of brushed titanium and screwed-down backs and crown guard levers, which lend an extreme robustness and corrosion-proof quality to the watches.


The panerai luminor submersible 1950 3 days automatic titanio replica is powered by the automatic manufacture caliber and has a three-day power reservation. Expectedly,  the panerai luminor submersible 1950 replica is water resistant to an exceptional depth of 300 meters, and has unique diving features such as a unidirectional rotating bezel to time yourself, applied luminous hour makers for fantastic readability, and partly-skeletonised luminescent hands for clearly reading the time under deep water. While the Panerai Luminor Submersible originally match with a decent rubber strap given its nautical DNA, Panerai serves up a spare one that can be changed at will using the brand’s patented lug system and the special tools provided.