Introducing the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield in Black and White Ref. 42000CN (Specs & Price) Replica Buying Guide

This is a watch I’ve been dying to get my hands-on for an extended period of time since I saw it in Basel World in March of this past year. And, despite the fact that Tudor Watches Instagram Replica isn’t even sold in the nation in which I reside, I still felt strongly that we needed to review this particular watch in detail, for your sake. You see, there is apparently an almost preternatural desire to learn more about Tudor out of HODINKEE readers. We’ve received countless emails, tweets, and message about both the Pelagos and the classic inspired Black Bay, so we did everything we could to receive our hands on one. So, without further ado, here is the Week On The Wrist review of the Tudor Pelagos.Before we talk about Tudor of now, let us discuss Tudor of the 20th century. Montres Tudor, SA is indeed possessed, in its entirety, by Rolex. It’s been that way since day one, too. But that does not imply Rolex and Tudor exactly the same company (well, legally, it could), but if Hans Wildorf set Tudor back March 6th, 1946, he knew even then to create a more compelling product, it had be not only robust and interesting, but also have its own individuality. The earliest Tudor models were offered under the “Oyster” moniker, adopting the famous water-proof instance from Rolex. Back in 1952, Tudor unveiled the “Oyster Prince” lineup, which would become the basis of the group for generations. For some years now I’ve been contemplating the idea of making a wristwatch that our agents could sell at a different cost level than our Rolex watches, and yet one that could reach the standards of dependability for which Rolex is well known.

Tudor has just unveiled the latest version of its black ceramic chronograph, the monochromatic Fastrider Black Shield in black and white, inspired by the Ducati XDiavel motorcycle.

Characterised by its one-piece, black ceramic case, the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield was originally introduced in 2013, with red or khaki accents on the dial. Now with the launch of the all-black Ducati XDiavel cruiser, Tudor 94500 Watch Replica has stripped all the colour from the Fastrider Black Shield to match, leaving it stark in black and white.  The new Fastrider Black Shield is as functional and fuss-free as a chronograph modelled on a motorcycle can be. While the design is almost identical to the other Fastrider chronographs, including the steel model introduced at Baselworld 2015, the new black and white version looks distinctively different. Though the dial has a larger logo at 12 o’clock, it conversely seems less cluttered because the dial has no colour. 

The 42mm matte black ceramic case is matched with a matte black dial that has the hour markers and hands highlight in flat white. Made via a process known as sintering, where ceramic powder is heated in a mould to create a dense and strong mass, the case and bezel are a single piece. The crown and pushers are in black-coated steel to match the ceramic case.

Inside the ceramic case is a Valjoux 7753, meaning it is robust, reliable and easy to service. It’s self-winding with a 46-hour power reserve.

The Fastrider Black Shield is water-resistant to 150m and available on a leather or rubber strap, both paired with a matching black coated folding buckle. It’s s priced at exactly the same as the existing models in the range, which is US$4925 or €3250.