Replica Chopard Mille Miglia GTXL Rosso Corsa Limited Edition Watch, a bare watch you would get easily

As a red watch this Replica Chopard Mille Miglia GTXL Rosso Corsa Limited Edition Watch is rather red. They didn’t go nuts with the color, but few watches share such a richly red hued dial, but the dial of this timepiece isn’t just a red wash, there are white and silver tones in there as well. Chopard was able to color the large chronograph subdials with a different color, and the chapter ring outside of the hour markers is also black and white with red five minute markers.

One of the main reasons why I am such a fan of most Mille Miglia watches is the fact that the design in keeping the watch is easy-reading. One element I have mixed feelings about is the placement of the 12 and 6 o’clock Arabic hour numerals on the bottom of the sapphire crystal. This design can been seen in the earlier Mille Miglia GTXL models. Basically Chopard uses thin outlined numbers over the dial that making them look nice but are a tad bit distracting. At the same time they do add some depth to the dial which is covered by the scratch-resistance sapphire crystal. This watch comes in just under 44mm wide, the case gives a comfortable touch-feeling and forms a good looking and the case is made of the titanium enough solid for preventing any crash. Really an excellent use of high-grade titanium – which of course lightens the weight of the case. The case mix with polished and brushed surfaces and features with water resistant to 100 meter.


The chronograph pushers. They are squared to visually integrate with the case, but are still easy to use. A lot of people have attempted this look and Chopard does it rather well. There is a reverse mounted magnifier lens over the date – which is on a black disc actually. The most high-light spot is the red color in the dial, which make the watch more conspicuous attracting the eyes. Lovers of this watch should be mostly interested in the dial color and Rosso Corsa limited edition honor. The appearance of the dial is really one of most charming parts inspires you or deters you.It did seem like an interesting piece to have around for days when it felt right for the wrist. That the watch does get a lot of attention. Nothing like a flashy bright red watch dial to catch a person’s gaze.This watch doesn’t have the famous tire tread style rubber strap of many replica Mille Miglia watches, but the strap pieces are also punched with portholes to make them more racing and sport themed.