Richard Mille Introduces the Tonneau-Shaped, Extra-Thin RM 67-01 Automatic Replica Wholesale Suppliers

Based on the angle of perspective, I go from locating the palms perfect to wishing they had 15-20 percent more surface area. The hands are thick, three-dimensional objects and though they are on the smaller side, so I am sure they are rather hefty — and micro-rotor movements are seldom large on torque and hence rarely fitted with substantial hands.The counter-argument is that this is as much a showpiece since it is a watch and since it’s still quite legible, they chose to leave a bit more space for the eyes to find the complex movement and not cover more of it up with much bigger hands.Over the last few weeks that I spent sporting the Richard Mille Celebrity Watches Replica RM033 a lot, I remember two times when I was perplexed and had to look twice to inform the palms apart; the way they stood on the dial and the way the lights played, I was not quite sure which one was which. Aside from these two highly memorable moments of my life, I found legibility to be great.

At SIHH 2016 Richard Mille will officially unveil its first ever extra-thin, tonneau-shaped wristwatch, the RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat, powered by a new, in-house movement.

Best known for its exceptionally light, and occasionally over the top, timepieces, Richard Mille also has several extra-thin watches in its collection, including the rectangular RM 016 and the more recent RM 33-01. These are the closest thing Richard Mille has to a formal dress watch, but they have never been offered in the brand’s signature barrel-shaped case, until the RM 67-01, just announced as a preview of what’s to come at SIHH 2016. A trade fair held in January, SIHH will see Richard Mille introduce the RM 67-01, the first extra-thin wristwatch with a tonneau (“barrel” in English) case. At 7.75mm high, the RM 67-01 is the slimmest Richard Mille to date, and comparable to the slim automatic watches from the likes of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Piaget. Though slim, the RM 67-01 is sizeable at 38.7mm in diameter and just over 47mm long.

The 3.6mm high CRMA6 movement inside was developed in-house by Richard Mille (nearly all its other automatic movements are made by Vaucher, a sister company of Parmigiani), and features a platinum rotor as well as a 50 hour power reserve. It’s also equipped with a free-sprung balance, a feature typically found in higher end calibres. Typical of Richard Mille, the movement bridges are made of titanium and covered in a matte black coating. On the front the dial is absent, allowing a view of the movement. Numerals made of metal (possibly brass or aluminium) are mounted on rails that circle the dial, suspending the numerals above the base plate of the movement. At two o’clock a tiny hand is a crown function indicator, showing what position the crown is in: “H” for hands, “D” for date, and “W” for winding.

The RM 67-01 is available in titanium for now. Pricing has yet to be announced, but expect a price of about US$80,000.