A Rolex Submariner Replica timepiece with Blue Dial

Rolex Submariner with Blue Dial is a superb watch and comes in certainly one of the classics. Even if the color might not appeal to all of us, it is still a great watch. We have known that the Rolex watches is some of the most expensive watches in the world it can be pretty hard to obtain one and no many people would afford it. There are replica watches out there and fortunately some of them are really well made.

The replica piece discussed here is amazing and great, at the first glance, you would not think it is the fake. However, if we look closely on the metal parts we will see that the finish on the replica watch is not as smooth as the one on the original watch, making the replica look like it has a darker tint to it. Due to the fact that the light is not reflected in the same manner, the replica watch looks like it has different tone of silver. However, this could be only observed in certain lights and the difference would be noticed if the two watches were put together.


With the beautiful azure tinted blue dial and the nice looking blue bezel it features, the watch looks absolutely stunning. That replica is blended in the almost same color, for example, the bezel is definitely the same color as the original brand bezel, but on the face of the watch features a slightly different tone. However, this could change in different light. The bezel and the dial features white accents with the markings for hours being white too. The bracelet is a smooth finish in well-finished, it also comes with small details that can only be found on the original brand. Details like the brand logo on the bracelet make this watch a really well-crafted replica. The beautiful design standing out it and a beautiful finish are the important elements that making this watch amazingly elegant. Another impressive detail is the brand logo on the crown, a detail that might be overlooked by most, but definitely not by someone who wants to prove that the watch is not genuine. Fortunately, this watch could easily pass as a genuine Rolex any day.


This is a really nice replica to have and the combination of the blue dial, the beautiful smooth bezel and the nice looking making it a very good option when looking for a classy watch.