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It’s impressive even for Vacheron, since it marries a number of watchmaking’s most complex, and time-honored techniques around gem-setting, enameling and engraving at a singular celebration. However, is it sufficient to overlook how the dial still seems somewhat too “lo-fi” because of its close six-figure asking price? Or it feels somewhat John-Cusack-standing-in-the-rain-with-a-boombox-desperate? To be fair, Chinese buyers are not the only markets with a Maltese cross-shaped bullseye on their backs — Beijing also joins Geneva, New York, and the “city of lights” itself, Paris, in the Métiers d’Art Villes Lumières collection.Nineties film references aside, flip the 40mm situation over, and we are greeted with a welcome sight, and one we could most likely agree upon: Vacheron’s delicately decorated 22k Cable twisting the Calibre 2460. This in-house fabricated automated movement comes correct with Vacheron’s exemplary beveling, circular graining, and polishing — all embellishments that rightfully assist with earning the watch that a Geneva Seal for excellence in both completing and timekeeping.All things considered