Showing the world time in the Replica Patek Philippe – World Time Moon Ref. 5575

The World Time Moon Ref. 5575, another Patek Philippe limited edition watch, presented to commemorate the manufacture’s 175th anniversary, it combines the traditional world’s 24 time zones with a highly realistic and large format moon-phase display at the centre of the dial. We have known that the traditionally Patek Philippe world time watches features a guilloche centre or a cloisonne enamel decoration, therefore Patek Philippe – World Time Moon Ref. 5575 is really a relevant variation for its distinctive design and style. This is for sure the most realistic and prominent representation of the moon in a Patek Philippe timepiece.


Replica Patek Philippe – World Time Moon Ref. 5575 is designed in round shape, styled with a white gold case measuring in 3809mm in the diameter and a solid-gold case back stamped with the engraving “PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE 175e Anniversaire 1839 – 2014”. The hour and minute hands display the local time in the time zone represented by the city which stands at 12 o’clock. The cities on the right are located farther east, those on the left farther west. It is easy to adjust the local time with winding the single pusher at 10 o’clock in the case flank. This piece is attached with the hand-stitched alligator strap which is secured with a fold-over clasp in gold to match the case. Each time the pusher is pressed, the Southern Cross-inspired hour hand advances by one hour, while the city and 24-hour disks move counterclockwise by one time zone. As a tribute to Patek Philippe’ origin, the  Central European Time is represented by the city of Geneva instead of Paris.

The moon-phase display mechanism is composed of two thin, superposed glass disks. The bottom one shows a richly detailed and very large rendering of the moon and it is decorated with the nocturnal sky. This disk performs one complete revolution every 29.53 days. The upper half of the second stationary disk, characterized by a precisely calculated contour, acts as a mask exposing only the visible portion of the moon. Very important, the mechanism is separated from the movement when corrections are made, so the steady oscillation of the balance and the accuracy of the minute hand’s position remain unaffected.

The new Calibre 240 HU LU housed in the Replica Patek Philippe – World Time Moon Ref. 5575 was developed explicitly for this timepiece and it is based on an ultra-thin movement with the self-winding powered by a 22K gold mini rotor recessed in the plate.