Tag Heuer Connected replica: the best wearing would let you fondle admiringly

Let’s not beat around the bush, the Tag Heuer Connected replica is a ridiculously good-looking smartwatch. It really looks like a regular Tag Heuer watch. It raises a fair bit off the wrist and is anything but female friendly. But that’s not really an issue. Tag Heuer completely fits that description of chunky, luxury watches.


Tag Heuer Connected replica comes in so comfortable.. Especially given I’d been wearing an Asus ZenWatch 2 for a few weeks before getting my mitts on the Tag. It’s mega light, for a start – surprisingly so when you first slip it on. At 52g, it’s 10% lighter than its lookalike the LG G Watch R. That’s the result of the grade 2 titanium, which looks awesome by the way on the fine-brushed lugs; although the back plate is disappointingly constructed from plastic.The clasp is easily the best constructed we’ve seen on Android Wear so far although, like the top end, it does protrude from the wrist a fair bit.


I’ve been wearing the replica black variant but, at the launch event last month, I did see all the other colours in the flesh. The white one is particularly swanky. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that the only strap options were vulcanised rubber ones. I’d have loved a stainless steel, or titanium band option.

The design is finished off with a crystal sapphire glass face. It’s easily the first Android Wear watch that I’ve been most annoyed by fingerprints with. Not because it suffers in this area worse than its stablemates. Because it’s the only replica smartwatch that I wanted to keep looking its best

Back to the plus points though and the black, carbide-coated titanium bezel and raised numerals look awesome. The LG G Watch R did a decent job of adding this sort of style to the Android Wear line-up but closely comparing the Korean company’s effort to the Tag reveals a huge leap in quality. The Tag Heuer Connected lettering on the bezel is engraved with silver lacquer. It just looks so slick.