Tudor Introduces the Black Bay Bronze Replica Trusted Dealers

The Pelagos includes a real and noticeable, but not overpowering, existence on the wrist. Again, nearly all of my watches, even my dive watches, are 39 or 40mm. So while 42mm is not a massive stretch for me, the first day or so I looked at my wrist and thought “alright, this is kind of big.” That soon faded after I realized I had completely forgotten I was wearing a 500 meter diver. What I really mean is being made of titanium, the watch is light enough and the situation thin enough that I hardly noticed it (unlike, say an IWC Aquatimer Chrono, that is just gigantic and impossible to forget you’re wearing – I know because I have one). The Pelagos was sliding under my barbell readily – something that I just didn’t expect. This is a watch you’ll be able to put on and forget about, the indication of any great instrument watch.The Tudor Pelagos is a superb tool watch. Maybe among the very best in its price bracket. In reality, I’m not sure I could envision a better made 500m diver that comes in under $5000 – that the Pelagos includes a Swiss retail cost of 4100 CHF. Yes, it’s powered with an ETA self-winding movement, but so are many great dive watches, including the Tudor Subs of the 1960s and 70s. I can hear the naysayers already, complaining you may get ETA powered walkers for less. And also you can, but with this Tudor you’re receiving a lot more than just an ETA diver. You’re getting an incredibly well designed, totally functional tool watch in an entirely Swiss-made package (not many competitors in this variety can say that) this is a cinch to wear and will handle anything you throw at it. If you’re looking for a more stylized diver, possibly the Black Bay is the Tudor for you, but if you would like a watch you’ll be able to throw on, enjoy, wear every single day of your life, and not fret about, the Tudor Pelagos is it.

Yet another addition to Tudor’s popular line of retro dive watches, the Black Bay Bronze is the first Tudor Watches Amazon Replica made of the fashionable metal. Larger than the ordinary Black Bay at 43 mm in diameter, the Black Bay Bronze is milled from a bronze and aluminium alloy that has a brushed finish on all surfaces. Susceptible to oxidisation that forms a protective layer on its surface, bronze will acquire a patina over time that aficionados appreciate.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze 2

To go with the bronze case, the dial and bezel are chocolate brown with gold accents. Instead of the usual baton markers at the quarters, the Black Bay Bronze features Arabic numerals, a design collectors have nicknamed the “Explorer” dial after the Rolex watch with the same look. The “snowflake” hands are another historically-inspired detail, as are the holes drilled into the sides of the lugs to make strap removable easier.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze 3

Like other bronze watches, the case back is not bronze, since the metal tends to cause allergic reactions. Instead it is stainless steel coated to resemble bronze.

Similar to the slew of Black Bay models launched at Baselworld 2016, the Black Bay Bronze is powered by the in-house MT5601, an automatic movement with a 70-hour power reserve.

Available with either a distressed leather strap or canvas NATO-style strap (both with bronze buckles), the Black Bay Bronze will retail for SFr3800.