Up close: Richard Mille RM026-01 Panda Tourbillon (live Photographs) Swiss Movement Replica Watches

Now, Richard Mille debuts their initial watch aimed directly in the area of cycling (it even includes a bike when you buy it). It is the RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost, also with its intriguing “swoosh” case design, appears to have answered the question of “what if Richard Mille made among those handheld tally counters” — like the ones often used by event doorway guys to count the amount of people attending. It’ll be the ritzy modern-looking “super watch” brand’s latest toy to receive its fans talking about the brand, as well as an intriguing new look by the new to the area of cycling.This is going to be one of those bizarre and incredibly rare Richard Mille watches everybody spends a couple of months asking why Richard Mille decided to make 30 of them, and whether or not the brand is losing their head. In a couple of years from now, folks will be remarking on the genius of this opinion, all but forgetting their initial cynical reaction to this. I can not envision how the whole concept of the watch did not begin as the product of a telephone call between Richard Mille and Alain Prost, with one of them bringing up, “how can we make an watch for when you’re on a bicycle.

Richard Mille’s latest iteration of its ladies tourbillon is the RM026-01 Panda, with a diamond-set giant panda sitting on the dial, complete with bamboo in solid yellow gold.

Though better known its is ultra-light, ultra-geek and ultra-expensive men’s tourbillons, Richard Mille has used the same case and movement to create ladies’ watches, with some success. The newest bejewelled ladies’ timepiece is the RM026-01 Panda Tourbillon. Every creature, mythical or otherwise, associated with China – and which watchmakers think have half a chance of appealing to the Chinese consumer – has been Shanghaied onto a watch dial, or case back.

Here the universally adored giant panda, made from white gold and covered in white and black diamonds, sits beside the tourbillon, munching on a stick of bamboo. 

Around him are bamboo shoots, made of yellow gold and hand-painted with a green tint. The theme of bamboo shoots continues onto the tourbillon as well, with its titanium bridge shaped like the plant.

And like the other RM026 ladies’ tourbillons, this has a black onyx base plate. This is a limited edition of 30 pieces in rose gold or white gold, which is pictured here. Both versions are set with diamonds. – SJX