The Buying Guide to A Replica Welder Watches

Welder is a mid-range watch brand designed and manufactured in Italy by the same company that makes luxury U-Boat watches. Both brands are have a relatively short history, debuting in the early 2000s.
With their distinctly masculine edge, Welders are very similar to their military-styled sister brand, in fact the collection was created to be a less-pricey alternative to U-Boat watches. Welders are more reasonable but still not cheap, then there are many replica Welder turning up in the market.

The replica Welder pieces are made out of reasonably high-quality parts in the stainless-steel cases and mineral crystals, however unlike a true premium brand the movements are all Japanese quartz that without mechanical movements available. Because these watches are related to a luxury line, but they’re really just highly designed fashion watches made for guys who like the oversized look but fail to pay so much dollars in a genuine piece. Replica Welder’s main selling point is simply the right trendiness at the right price point.


Welders replica watch features unique “stacked” faces, some of which are so detailed they’re like little three-dimensional sculptures behind the crystal. Crowns are placed on the left side or top of the watches and often feature a crown keeper adding even more width to an already bulky watch. Replica Welder’s industrial style starts with packaging that evokes power tool cases. There’s also an extra-large pocket-watch variant, the perfect steam punk accessory. The collection’s color scheme is simple: mostly stainless-steel and/or black, with round or rectangular faces. .
There are a few colorful unisex models but it’s unlikely that a woman would be drawn to such a large watch. Although many men buy Welder watches because of the masculine look some end up dissatisfied with their purchase because the size really is too much. Even though these watches don’t have the same prestige, they do appear to be as well built as any other Italian-made brand.

A best Welder replica watch is big, heavy and looks like it’s made for survivalists—but underneath it all it’s just a fashion watch so it’s recommended that you use yours in more tame situations for upgrading your style.