Out of print Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph 101549 Replica Watches

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绝版万宝龙时光行者计时码表101549 Relica手表

This was circa 2004 when I began wanting this creation of Montblanc Timewalker — that is about the time it first surfaced. Designed for a contemporary working professional in among the planet’s major metropolitan towns, I just happened to be in grad school residing in San Francisco at the moment. Montblanc afterward wasn’t really the Montblanc of now. Both then and today, the brand needed a dynamic portfolio of watches for a variety of functions, but aesthetically speaking, the aesthetic was a little more futuristic and modern compared with the hefty retro-vibe of those Montblanc Replica watches we all see now.

万宝龙时光行者计时码表101549 Relica手表不再制造

The Replica watch Timewalker Chronograph with this mention 101549 was something of beauty. In 43mm-wide, it had been approximately bowl-shaped with tasteful arching lug structures which were additionally skeletonized. To highlight the skeletonization, the concluding interior of the lugs has been satinized, which contrasts with the mirror polishing of the remaining part of the circumstance. Notice the white and black Montblanc mountaintop celebrity logo inset to the crown.


No matter how aggressive its appearance, this Timewalker has no sporting significance-only 30 meters water resistance, and tied to a leather strap (made of crocodile leather). I call it a bold dress or a casual timepiece. The thickness of the 43 mm case can also reach 14.5 mm, and the dome sapphire crystal coated with an AR coating is used in the dial. Provide relatively anemic luminescent materials, spread them on the palm in thin strips, and leave a few pieces on the outer surface of the dial. This is not a dark observation, but a strength of the watch.