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“Classic and classic” are not terms you would generally hear from anybody speaking about Richard Mille Watches Official Site Replica products — notably people at the company itself. Inspired by the philosophy of a whole focus on the performance-over-cost mentality borrowed from different sectors such as the area of Formula 1 racing, Richard Mille goods are all about pushing the envelope of possibility.Depending on who you ask, which push by Richard Mille is apparently equally in areas of technical mechanics, design, advertising plan, and of course, pricing. Let’s return to this specific limited edition of 150 pieces RM 11-03, which again sees Richard Mille paying homage to Mr. Jean Todt of racing, Ferrari, and Formula 1 fame. The specific goal of this watch is on the other hand, being directly attributed to observing the 50th anniversary of Jean Todt’s “career.” More specifically, such as many other luxury watches, this particular product is, in actuality, a true celebration trophy for Mr. Todt, his friends, and fans (I wrote here why watches make the best decorations).The celebration is indeed for Mr. Todt (and Richard Mille) instead of the buyers themselves, but it’s a tacit reminder by Richard Mille for its consumers that “you ought to make or buy a watch once you too have such a party to understand.” It’s well established in the luxury world that customers (no matter their budget degree) would be the most motivated to purchase something like watch when they are working to commemorate something.

Only Watch 2013 will see the Richard Mille Yohan Blake Tourbillon go under the hammer to fund research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Richard Mille, which was recently revealed to be in talks to be acquired by Kering, will contribute the prototype of the Yohan Blake Tourbillon to Only Watch 2013. This is the actual watch worn by Blake at the London 2012 Olympics, the first time a sprinter ran a competition with a watch on his wrist, providing tremendous publicity for Richard Mille. This Yohan Blake Tourbillon is actually based on the RM038 Bubba Watson (the RM038 is all white), and never made it into official production. Richard Mille presented the all new, asymmetrical and similarly coloured RM059-01 Yohan Blake at SIHH earlier this year. Only Watch, the biennial charity watch auction, takes place in Monte Carlo at the end of September this year. More can be found on the Only Watch website. – SJX

RM059-01 Yohan Blake