Hands-on Together with the600,000, Yellow and Green Richard Mille RM059-01 Tourbillon Yohan Blake (with live Photographs and price) Replica Buyers Guide

Throughout the past few months when I had the RM033 around, event invites and traveling programs worked out in a way that I was on the road a great deal and thus meeting lots of new people — mostly journalists working in the watch or fashion industry, but also watch business insiders. On such occasions, once everyone is past the “How was your flight?” Round of petty small talk, things come to either complimenting the readily identified iconic view of the person sitting nearby, or, if it looks interesting in any way, the ever-green silence-breaker question arises: “So, What Watch Are You Wearing? “Together with the RM011, I was barely ever asked this question. Back in Hong Kong I had been greeted twice with “Ooh, you are wearing an expensive watch!” Being shouted at me — and in other, more discreet settings, nevertheless everyone with anything to do with the watch business knew more or less what the watch was. The Images Of Richard Mille Watches Replica RM033 is a completely different story.Soon after beginning his brand from the early 2000s, Richard Mille understood and with good field followed closely (not-so-)key recipe into luxury watch brand success: be daring and immediately recognizable. I mean, just consider any among the most successful luxury watches ever produced. Take the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak as a most fitting instance: the Royal Oak was dumb expensive in 1972, but had an exterior unique enough that rich people consciously or subconsciously started (and very much continue) to gravitate towards it as they understand or at least sense how the Royal Oak, just like no other watch in the time and still few now, exhibits excess wealth. For some fun reading on a related topic, have a look at this article on how the most famous watches can be realized only for their hands designs.

Richard Mille unveiled his funkiest wristwatch ever at SIHH 2013, the Richard Mille RM059 Yohan Blake, made for the Jamaican Olympic champion.

Unlike the first Richard Mille wristwatch made for champion sprinter Yohan Blake, which was based on an existing model, the RM059-01 Tourbillon Yohan Blake was designed from the ground up, explaining its cartoonish colour and shape.  Coloured in green and yellow just like the Jamaican flag, the RM059-01 is the first green Richard Mille watch, and it is also the first one with an asymmetric case. Made from a polymer injected with carbon nanotubes – the polymer is translucent green and the black flecks are carbon nanotubes – the case reminds me of seaweed jelly. Since it is intended to be worn while running, the RM059-01 exceptionally lightweight, though not quite as light as the weightless RM027-01 Rafael Nadal.

The slant of the case mirrors the four green-oxidised aluminium alloy bridges running over the movement (and another identical four bridges can be found on the back), which are meant to evoke Blake’s fingers while running. Each bridge is hand painted with a yellow lacquer strip.

The bottom three green bridges are functional, securing both the tourbillon and hands. But the bridge at the very top appears to be purely aesthetic.

Visible below the green bridges is the movement, the standard tourbillon movement made by Renaud & Papi used in most watches from Richard Mille, which is soon to be acquired by Kering (formerly PPR). This is a limited edition of 50 pieces with a price of S$780,100 (~US$616,000), including 7% tax. While not fine watchmaking in the traditional sense, this watch is nevertheless a striking status symbol – it is expensive and utterly impossible to miss. – SJX