Introducing the Tudor Black Bay Dark in Black PVD Swiss Movement Replica Watches

The Pelagos includes a real and noticeable, but not overpowering, presence on the wrist. So while 42mm isn’t a massive stretch for me, the first day or so I looked in my wrist and thought “ok, this is kind of big.” That soon faded after I realized I’d completely forgotten I was wearing a 500 meter. What I really mean is being made of titanium, the watch is mild enough and the situation thin enough that I barely noticed it (unlike, say an IWC Aquatimer Chrono, which is simply gigantic and impossible to forget you’re wearing – that I know because I own one). The Pelagos was slipping under my barbell readily – something I simply did not anticipate. This is a watch you can put on and forget about, the sign of any great instrument watch.The Tudor Watches Information Replica Pelagos is a superb tool watch. Maybe among the very best in its price bracket. In reality, I am not sure I could name a better made 500m diver that comes in under $5000 – that the Pelagos has a Swiss retail price of 4100 CHF. Yes, it is powered with an ETA self-winding motion, but so are many good dive watches, such as the Tudor Subs of the 1960s and 70s. I can hear the naysayers already, complaining you may get ETA powered divers for much less. And you can, but with this Tudor you’re receiving so much more than simply an ETA diver. You’re receiving an exceptionally well designed, totally functional tool watch within an entirely Swiss-made bundle (not many competitors in this range can say that) this is a breeze to wear and will handle anything you throw at it. If you’re searching for a more stylized diver, perhaps the Black Bay is the Tudor for you, but if you would like a watch you’ll be able to throw, love, wear each and every day of your life, rather than fret about, the Tudor Pelagos is it.

The Black Bay Dark is Tudor‘s signature dive watch with a major makeover. The case remains the same 41 mm as the Black Bay, but it’s been given a brushed satin finish on all surfaces, then coated in black via physical vapour deposition (PVD), resulting in a subdued, matte appearance meant to evoke military equipment. The only colour on the dial is the depth rating in red, another element of vintage dive watches.

In fact, the look brings to mind the mythical Rolex Submariner rumoured to have been made for the South African army during Apartheid, the same unicorn that inspired countless aftermarket all-black Rolex watches.

Tudor Black Bay Dark 1

But it’s not just a cosmetic makeover, the Black Bay Dark is powered by the MT5602. A variant of the in-house movement introduced last year in the North Flag and Pelagos, the COSC-certified MT5602 is automatic with a 70-hour power reserve. And it also features a silicon hairspring that’s both impervious to magnetism and temperature changes.

Tudor Black Bay Dark 2

The Black Bay Dark (ref. 79230DK) is available with two strap options. The first is a matching all-black steel bracelet – with the retro straight ends of the recording setting Black Bay One – priced at SFr4250.

And priced at SFr3950 is the version with a distressed grey leather strap. Both variants are also accompanied by a grey NATO-style fabric strap.